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Franklin County Conservation District

Board of Supervisors

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Franklin County Conservation District Board of Supervisors' and staff are (top row - left to right) Todd Akers, Chair; Eddie Harrod; Mike Johnson; John Mucci and (bottom row - left to right) Crystal Harrod, Administrative Secretary; Charlotte Quarles; Steve Coleman, Vice Chair; and Susan Wise, Secretary-Treasurer. 


Franklin County Conservation District Board of Supervisors' regular scheduled meetings are usually the second Monday of the month at 1:00 PM. Thanks to the hard work of district staff, NRCS staff, KACD Executive Director and our Division of Conservation Field Representative a lot is being accomplished in Franklin County. 

History of those that have served on the Board of Supervisors

Original Board of Supervisors - 1947

Stewart Gordon

Clifford Smith

W. W. Daniel

Ray Brown

Eugene Wise

Members Through The Years:

A C. Smithers

Howard Smith

L. W. Morris

Wm W. Howerton 

R. J. Plue

John W. Switzer

Ralph Bates

Richard Harter

Lowell Goins

Waldine Green

Robert "Mac" Stone

Gary Arnold

Gary Wooldridge

Ray Richardson

Alvin Bogie

Ira Linville 

Judy Hockensmith

Jim Mucci

Todd Akers

Susan Wise

Ricky Bailey

Eddie Harrod

John Mucci

R. Kermit Gordon

James Smith

Paschal True

W. D. Juett

William T. Green

D. P. Reinhart

W. C. Gayle

Tyler Wooldridge

Wm Zimmerman

Anna Wooldridge

Stanley Head

Colin Jones

Church Quarles

Tom Gillion

D. Herald Bolling

Bruce Quarles

Tom Karsner

Steve Coleman

Curtis Kirk

Mike Spencer
 Mike Johnson

Charlotte Quarles

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