Franklin County

Conservation District 

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big tree contest

  1.    Must be Tulip Poplar.
  2.  Measure circumference of tree at 4 ½ feet from the ground on the high side.
  3. Tree must be 75% live and be located in Franklin County.
  4. Tree measurement and date must be verified by landowner.
  5. Same tree eligible for only one category.
  6. All entries must be submitted to the Franklin County Conservation District located at 103 Lakeview Court or fax to 502/699-2161 no later than March 18, 2021.

The Winner in each Category will be presented a $50 cash award

K-5 grade                                                   18 to 55 Years of Age

6-8 grade                                       Senior Citizen (56 & Over)

9-12 grade                                                              FFA Chapter

Organizations                                                Over All Winner

Prizes will be awarded in conjunction  with Reforest Frankfort/Arbor Day activities held at Lakeview Park.

For any questions, contact the Franklin County Conservation District at 502/352-2701.



Participant Name: ______________________________      Age: ­______________________________

Address: _____________________________________      Grade: ____________________________

Phone: ______________________________________        Date: _____________________________

Measurement at 4 ½ feet from ground:___________________________________________________

Address of Property (tree location): _____________________________________________________

Directions/Map to Tree: _____________________________________________________________

Landowner Verification: On the back, draw a map showing location of tree from nearest designated state highway in Franklin County (Give point to point distance).